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The art of left over

I work with layers, superimposition and sedimentation
I show what is with what’s left on our shores
My work is a picture of our overflowing overwhelming surplus , just « the above the water » part of what’s clogging our world.
Without word it speaks loudly about our civilisation , our environment, what will be left of our time

Repulsion versus attraction, are invited to a paradoxical journey
On one side, the rubbish, rejected in all it’s dimensions ; waste that we’d like to eradicate, and that we’d rather not see (and we don’t ...magic of selective sight !)
On the other side, the amazing beauty of these pieces of unknown stuff, chunks; forgotten fragments from another life

On the shifting sands of this paradoxe i build improbables architectures, scrappy towns, plastic poetry, remnant tapestries
Assemblages of raw material used as raw as they present themselves, in their peculiar beauty ; no paint, no addition, no transformation

You can take it as an anthropologic trip, as a surrealistic drift along the shores of our society in it’s full decomposition, or as an opportunity to meditate on origin and becoming, spirit and matter, meaning and renewal...whatever you do, look carefully... my beaches are mirrors.


Life & Career Facilitator (management, leadership,training,coaching)
Press attaché (Music national trade show)
Director of Creation (advertising)
Copy Writer


Youth studies, sporadic and fugitives (1975/1979): preparatory class for Grandes Ecoles (philosophy), fine arts, humanities
Maturity studies (1988) : Speech therapist, language and communication therapist
Wisdom studies (2000) : Master in spitritual psychology (University of Santa Monica)

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Caroline Secq dans son atelier

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