All about nothing

My work is above all artistic and (outrageously!) plastic.

More than just being an environmental inventory with far more impact than a speech (the power of visual images!), it is an invitation to see the world differently.

On the one hand it invites us to realize that we are ineluctably reducing our world, this Great All into a pile of worthless bits and pieces. Bits and pieces of nothing, debris, remnants, fragments - remains which are unidentifiable because they are devoid of any identity, function or meaning. Reality is breaking up, coming apart and giving birth to an army of shadows. These relics of the Great All, ghostlike shoals drifting from one tide to the next (and that’s only to speak about everything littering our beaches) are about to colonise us until we suffocate.

On the other hand, my work invites people to change the way they look at things and to realize that a possible Great All can be born from a pile of nothing, that beauty can be seen everywhere, including in nothing if we just look closely enough!

It’s a journey from refuse to resurrection, from the end of one world to the beginning of another. An invitation to change the way we look and the power of transformation which can then come into being and play around with everything. My derisory, outrageous, amusing or disturbing, micro or macro debris is a source of richness and unbelievable potential. Depending on how it is put together, it brings to mind childhood happiness, tricks us into imagining gardens or sea-beds, stages the end of the world, conjures up paintings without paint, takes on all the colours of the rainbow or plunges us into never-ending darkness. It is a metaphorical representation of our world of which it is, so to speak, the shadow.